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New BRANZ resources and publications


New evaluation method published

EM7 Performance of mid-rise cladding systems was published at the end of December. This evaluation method (EM7) represents a series of tests from AS/NZS 4284:2008 Testing of building facades, with specific nominated values for the performance levels.


New study report about housing policy

A new study report called "Use of academic research and other sources of knowledge in New Zealand housing policy", SR416 has been published. The aim of the study was to cast light on how stakeholders working with housing policy in New Zealand utilise research and other forms of outputs from building and housing research.


ALF 4 launched

The new ALF4 has been launched. It replaces ALF3.2. The address remains the same: alf.branz.co.nz. ALF 4 requires a My BRANZ account, whereas this hasn't been mandatory to date. You can join My BRANZ for free on at www.branz.co.nz.


Changes to Building Code, Standards and legislation


Consultation on amending Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods June 2019 update

Building Controls Update 246 gives a summary of the updates being proposed to 12 Verification Methods and Alternative Solutions and seeks feedback on these proposed changes (feedback closes on 5 April). The most significant changes are in 4 areas:

  • A new Verification Method (E2/VM2) that references a test method which will enable cladding solutions for buildings up to 6 storeys. 
  • A new light steel frame solution for low-rise buildings.
  • Alignment of Acceptable Solution G4/AS1 with Healthy Homes changes.
  • The information from the Simple House Acceptable Solution for foundation design on expansive soils to be moved to B1/AS1 when SH/AS1 is revoked.


Other news and publications 


BEAL CodeMark accreditation

BEAL Certification Services Ltd's CodeMark accreditation  has been revoked. See BC Update 245 for more information.


Fire performance of external wall cladding systems

A new guidance document has been published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) called "Fire performance of external wall cladding systems". The guidance is a response to significant high rise fire events around the world. MBIE has reviewed current methods used to demonstrate compliance of external wall cladding systems with building regulations' fire safety objectives.


Ten new determinations published

Ten new determinations have been published on the Building Performance website - 2018/051 - 2018/060. Determinations of particular note include:


  • 2018/058: Refusal to issue a building consent for a modular house and the use of modules designed locally but prefabricated offshore;
  • 2018/052: Whether an automatic pool cover complies with Building Code clause F9.