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New BRANZ resources and publications


BRANZ Seminar - Keeping water out: decks, bathrooms and basements


New issue of Build Magazine - Build 162, October 2017



  • Flashings Supplement - Build 162 also comes with a highly practical Flashings Supplement that covers roof flashings, wall flashings and roof/wall intersections.


Builder's Mate issue 86

  • Check out Issue 86 of Builder's Mate for articles on risks of adding fixed floor coverings or membranes onto concrete slabs before the slab is dry, and a discussion about noise and hearing damage.


New Bulletins: H1 Compliance Options and Critical Connections

  • Two new bulletins have been published in September. Both of these bulletins are available for purchase via the BRANZ website:
    1. H1 Compliance Options (BU614) - this bulletin replaces BU522 and takes account of changes introduced by the 4th edition, amendment 3 of clause H1 (H1/AS1 and H1/VM1). This bulletin describes the options for complying with clause H1 using the acceptable solution and verification method.
    2. Critical Connections (BU615) - this bulletin describes critical connections of timber framed buildings and the fixings required to meet design loads.


Medium-density housing study reports have been published


Changes to Building Code, Standards and legislation


Securing parapets and facades on unreinforced masonry buildings - new Guidance document


Proposed amendments to verification method B1/VM1

  • Feedback is being sought by MBIE on proposed amendments to B1/VM1 and to ban loop bar connections of flange-hung double-tee precast flooring. See Building Controls Update 223 for more details.


Upcoming changes to the Hazardous Substances Regulations

  • Worksafe New Zealand has published a useful table that outlines commencement and transitional arrangements for the upcoming amendments to the Hazardous Substances Regulations, Most requirements under the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations come into force on 1 December 2017 but there are some exceptions to that.


Concrete Structures Standards - Amendments 

  • NZS3101.1:2006 and NZS3101.2:2006 have been amended (Amendment 3 of 2017). The focus of the amendments has been a revision and the inclusion of new material as a result of recommendations from the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission.  Note that the amendments have been incorporated into the main standard and are not available as a separate document.


Other news and publications


Licensed Building Practitioners - new supervision practice note 

  • A new Supervision Practice Note has been issued for licensed building practitioners supervising unlicensed people undertaking restricted building work.


Electrical Safety on Small Construction Sites 

  • A new Quick Guide has been published by Worksafe New Zealand Construction - the Electricity Safety on Small Construction Sites guide. The guide covers electricity supply arrangements on small sites, set-up and electrical safety, and equipment,